There's so much death, it's like the town's soaked in it.
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Trying to trend this right now!! 

Trying to trend this right now!! 

Save ABC Family's Ravenswood


Sign if you haven’t! It’s a long shot but let’s make our voices heard! :)

We’ve passed 500 signatures in only 2 days! :) That’s awesome! Keep it up, Ravens. :)

Save ABC Family's Ravenswood

Sign if you haven’t! It’s a long shot but let’s make our voices heard! :)



Okay… I’m seriously, seriously depressed now. The PLL fans who didn’t give this show a chance don’t know what they were missing.

Sure, okay… MAYBE this will mean Haleb gets more screen time… but that also gives the writers more chance to mess with them too. You know how they LOVE to cause our…

Save Ravenswood!

ABC Family has opted not to renew the Pretty Little Liars spinoff series Ravenswood for a second season.


will there be a season 2?

Hopefully! It hasn’t been announced yet but it seems to me the ratings have been pretty darn good so…fingers crossed a season 2 will be announced soon :) 

Do you know of any websites where I can watch ravenswood

Try this site out :) 


Seriously, like this post if you ship Caleb & Miranda and I will follow immediately! I ship both Haleb and Ciranda, but all the Haleb fans are so frickin pissed at Ciranda that I’m almost getting protective over them haha. I need me some Miranda and Caleb on my dash! :)

I’m not just a Miranda/Caleb blog, and I’m not super active because I have a few episodes to catch up on but I ship them so hard. I have since their first scene together. They are meant to be. 

Hi, my dears! I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active lately, Christmas was a busy season and I have about 5 episodes to catch up on, but I’m working on it and the minute I’m finished, the gifs will start comin’! :) 

will some one else die?

I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised though. I guess the good thing on this show though is that even if they die, they might still hang around ;)